15 reasons Post Cards are a Smart Investment in 2021

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In today’s high-tech world some people find it surprising that one of the best marketing tools available is the postcard.  Mass-produced postcards delivered by the postal service to every residence in a zipcode are very inexpensive. However, you have to buy thousands of cards.  This list of 15 reasons Post Cards are the best buy in 2021 deals with short-run postcards.  For the sake of this article, we will consider the short run to be under 5,000 cards at a time.

  1.  Mail Works for Any Business

Face it, no one likes to get email spam. Just think about how many emails you ignore or put into the trash without even looking at them. An email has a lifespan of a few seconds while direct mail’s average lifespan is 17 days.  A clever image or message may stay on an individual’s refrigerator or a business owner’s desk for weeks or months.

  1. Mail Campaigns generate larger sales

According to the US Small Business Administration, Direct mail campaigns generate purchases five times larger than email campaigns.

  1. Increased Marketing Performance

Direct mail outperforms all digital channels combined by over 600% – Direct Marketing Association.  The US Postal Service says that 98% of consumers bring their mail the day it is delivered and 77% sort through the mail immediately.

  1. Mail Builds Trust and younger consumers prefer it

76% of people trust ads they receive in the mail. Because of this, postcards can generate all sorts of sales-related activities. Postcards are used to ask customers for reviews, visit websites, encourage trade show booth visits, announce sales, and just about anything a business online or off can think of.  Among 18 to 24-year-olds 69% say they prefer print and paper communications to reading off a screen. -Saapi

  1. Technology has made designing Postcards Easy

Services such as Pixingo have effective cards available for many industries pre-made and ready to send. They also allow you to design your own cards and even have qualified, experienced designers on staff to help you design a cad that gets results.

large postcards printed and mailed for 79 cents with no minimums

  1. Printing Postcards is Easy personalized and Inexpensive

You can mail large postcards to a targeted list with your own logo to lists of at least 200 for as little as $.79 per card including postage. You can set up campaigns to mail a series of cards automatically on pre-determined dates.  If your list has information like a first name, address or any other data set you can personalize the individual postcard to the recipient.

  1. Mailing lists are inexpensive and highly targeted.

Special software has been developed that allows you to “scrape” B2B mailing lists. Software such as Leadscrape allows you to pull data from several online resources such as Google My Business Listings, Yellow Pages, and more. B2C lists are developed by companies that gather consumer information. These lists are available from business brokers or from Pixingo. The going rate is about $16-$.24 per name.

  1. Postcards almost always Get Read

Postcards have the message on the outside and are ready to read when they are received. Even if a person throws it away they at least read the message. This is why a simple design with a single call to action is critical to postcard marketing.

  1. People respond to Postcards Quickly

Postcards are simple to produce and mail. They get delivered quickly and generally have a simple call to action.  You generate leads within a couple of days. According to the DMA, 79% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately.

  1. Want more web traffic?

Postcards may be the answer. If you have ever purchased Pay Per Click advertising, you know how expensive it can be. Postcards can drive customers to your website for more information on a specific item or topic.

  1. Postcards are the perfect way to follow up with existing customers.

Send a postcard to your best customers to let them know about special events and sales. Use postcards to reactivate customers or patients.  Thank you cards also build a long-lasting impression. Thank you cards with a request for an online review that produces results.

  1. Tracking the Results of your Postcard campaign is easy and accurate

Within a week of being delivered, you will see about 90% of the campaign’s total response. By using tracking numbers and a shortened URL from Bit.ly you can very accurately track your mailing response.

  1. Postcards allow you to predictably forecast sales and leads in the sales funnel.

When you need a sales boost, sending a mailing to your existing customers and prospects will generate predictable results. Anytime you anticipate a slow time, for example, doing a mailing will bring people in or make your phone ring.

  1. Keep your Competitors Guessing

Online there are tools that reveal competitor’s ads, ad spends, and estimates of traffic generated from the ads and organic search. With postcards, your activity is hidden from competitors, so they have no idea how you are doing it. They are unable to copy what they don’t know about.

  1. Be extremely targeted in who you send a postcard to.

Technology allows us to send a postcard from anywhere.  See a house where the trees need to be trimmed? Take a picture and send it to the homeowner right from the Pixingo app. Carpet cleaners can send a picture of how great the clean carpet looked the last time they cleaned it. Meet someone at a networking event? Send them a nice to meet you card with a picture of them or you or the event. There are hundreds of ways to use inexpensive postcards when you don’t have to buy them by the thousands. Give Pixingo a try.

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