A checklist of what to do when your website site goes down

Just this morning I got a call from 2 people reporting that one of our client sites was not working. (we are not a website hosting company) One said it was down and one said it was missing. I think I know what both of them were saying. They can’t see the website. But when it comes to troubleshooting and getting the issue fixed more specific language is required.

I find that by taking a screen capture image of the page/site in question you are able to overcome the technical language issues that are needed when you report the problem to your developer, web host or IT professional.

In the following article, they do not mention a couple of important things to check. I suggest also checking to see if the domain name expired? Are you sure your hosting bill has been paid?

What to Do When Your Website is Down: The Checklist

Imagine this scenario:  you’re sitting at your desk, finishing your work before the end of a long day.  Suddenly, your phone starts ringing.

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