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    Small businesses are built by word of mouth.

    New customers are referred by someone they know or that they have done business with. But word of mouth is really a part of the branding and marketing mix that most of us employ. We get our trucks wrapped, pass out business cards, join the Chamber, attend trade shows, go to BNI meetings and leave flyers behind.

    How “Word of Mouth” has changed.

    • 81% of American adults go online daily (Pew Research)
    • 97% of consumers searched online for a local business 
    • 72% of customers won’t act until they read reviews.
    • 73% of searchers trust a local business more because of positive reviews.
    • 91% of millennials (25 to 39 years old) trust online reviews as much as a friend or family.

    How online “Word of Mouth” affects you.

    Even if someone passes your name on to someone else, or you meet someone at the chamber, or they get your name from the sign on your truck, they won’t remember your phone number or email address. They are going to use their phone and search for you. Of course, they must find you when they search for your name.

    The first step is to look at what people and search engines see when they look for you. This is a FREE report.

    Getting an “at bat” to win their business

    They key to getting a chance to talk to them is controlling what they see when they find you.  When people find your business, they better find something that loads fast, looks good on a phone and has information they are looking for.

    Google wants to help. No Really.

    When someone searches your business name they are going to be directed, by Google, to a page that has your name, address, phone number and reviews. If they get what they are looking for they will call or get directions to your location. Most of the time they won’t even need to go to your website. But if they don’t like what they see they’ll go to a competitor’s site. Google My Business is the single most important marketing tool available to local business owners.  Google does NOT charge for this service but there are a number of things you can do to optimize the listing. NEW 3/26/2020 4 things to know about keeping an accurate GMB Listing During COVID-19 Pandemic

    Don’t cry about some old bad review.

    It may not be fair but It’s not getting removed. What you need is new, fresh positive reviews. And a way to get them easily and consistently. Keep in mind that a lot of people believe reviews as much as a friend or family member. Even more are influenced by what recent reviews say about your business and how you respond to reviews. The review industry was started by Yelp. You can take comfort in knowing you are not the only one who hates them.

    Bad reviews do cost your business money. How much? Check out our Cost of Lost Opportunity Calculator. Go sign up for a FREE account with the best software in the business for building reviews.

    When signing up for mezinGO, at check out, use the code “together” for a FREE DIY Software account for a year.  NOTE – the website says free trial for 14 days. The code “together” gives you a FREE year.

    Yes, Facebook is Stupid

    But you can’t ignore it. There are way too many of your customers using it.  And they talk to each other on Facebook. In person they talk about what they saw on Facebook. They write reviews about their experiences.  Keeping up with Facebook is time consuming and sometimes feels like it does nothing for you. It does. It builds your brand and Its part of the whole word of mouth marketing thing. However, I agree, too many people post pictures about what they had for lunch.

    But hey, we want this to be as easy as possible for you.

    • We have put together a calender of fully customizable posts – one for every day of the year.
    • Post these DFY videos to 7  social media platforms to build a personal connection with your audience and increase your brand & engagement.
    • The best part is, you can customize the DFY videos with your own logos, text, images and more!

    Setup of this amazing FREE FOR YOU service takes up our staff time. We ask for your patience and a day or two to get you set up.

    Free Social Media

      Everyone wants to go viral.

      Good luck with that. Hire Tarantino. Your goal is to get noticed and be remembered.   Video reviews, offers, commercials, animated images help you stand out on Facebook and Google by getting attention better than written words or static pictures.

      You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

      To have success in digital word of mouth marketing you don’t have to spend your kids or grandkids college fund. It takes good messaging and consistency. If you know who your customer is and what sets you apart from the rest of the crowd you are halfway there.

      If you have some down time, by using our tools and training you can create a marketing presence that will help you hit the ground running when we all get back to business.

      You are not on your own. We are here for you. Let us know how we can help you and what you would like help with.


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