Owning a business can be a pain in the ass.

Sometimes the days are so long that just doing the work your business provides customers takes all of your time.  You are busy. Sole proprietors have to do everything on their own. Small businesses may be able to add a person to handle the account and the phones.  Everyday responsibilities can suck the life out of you, making you feel like you don’t have the time or energy to energy to put into something else. Unless it’s putting out another fire. You don’t have time for things you don’t see immediate results from. Or blogging. I get it. But if you want to grow your business you have to market. And blogging is a part of today’s world.  Here are a few reasons why blogging is so important:

  1. It brings traffic to your website

Bullshit. It has the potential to bring traffic but if you just write it and don’t tell anyone about it, it is just a bunch of wasted effort. Every blog has the potential to contain articles, content, and keywords that could be picked up, indexed, and ranked by the search engines. This would help bring people to your website. But if you don’t optimize it or promote it don’t bother.

  1. It helps your social presence

At one point in time blogging and social were two completely different types of content- think serious versus not so serious. With the way things have changed, they are more intertwined and feed off of one another. Your blog helps develop your social media posts and it’s easy to promote your blog through your social media outlets.  What I am saying is write long copy. In a perfect world, you would write 2,000+ word article and use original pictures in it. Don’t bother writing short 400-500 word articles as we did back in the day. No, establish your self as an expert and then post excerpts on social media. Use something attractive like a picture or animated GIF to get attention. The goal of the social post is to get the click through to the blog post.

  1. People trust you

Your blog post is where you can really get real. You can voice your opinions, showcase your brand and it’s a place where you can be more vulnerable. People believe what they are reading when they go to a blog post and they trust the source. And if you really want to get them to trust the source you have to build your reputation. You build your reputation by getting great reviews. It just so happens that I have built an amazing (don’t just take my word for it) piece of software and an app, Mezingo,  that facilitates getting reviews and keeping the negative crap off the big social media platforms. Try it out for free.

  1. Creating a community

By allowing comments on your blog post you are creating a safe space for communication among your readers/viewers.  People are able to share their interests with each other. On top of all of that, you get to learn a little bit about your audience! None of this happens without writing something that’s worth talking about and none of it will happen unless you ask the reader to make a comment or answer a question.  Think this part through. It’s ok to write as you talk and to be somewhat controversial. It may just get you some responses.

  1. Links, links, links!

It’s been shown that people who blog receive around 95% more links to their website than those who don’t.  If you don’t blog there is a 100% chance that no one will link to your blog. If you put out good, original content and tell people about it you may find other sites and blogs linking to you. While there are many variables to make the following true, in theory, the more links pointing back to your website the higher your ranking in the search engines will be. The better the information in your blog post, the better your chances of getting those links.

At the start of this article, I said owning a business is a pain in the ass and then I went on to show you even more reasons why it is. Let’s agree on the benefits of owning a business outweigh not being your own boss. But let’s also agree that sometimes it makes more sense to hire an experienced contractor to do some of the work for you.

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