How to Improve Your Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Get People Talking About Your Business

How to Improve Your Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Get People Talking About Your Business Plenty of research has shown that word-of-mouth marketing is

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Local Online Marketing Is More Than Just Google

Consumers are more knowledgeable than they have ever been. They have access to high-quality information at the click of a button. A

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The Secret To Your New Year Marketing Goals

A new year means…it’s time to start goal planning! Goal planning is important in the business world so that you can stay

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Why the SEO vs. Social Battle Has a New Winner

SEO Delivers More Traffic – Again These days it seems as if the conversation among business owners about SEO is nonexistent. Over

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HTTP Conversion

Converting HTTP to HTTPS HTTP VS HTTPS HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTP is the protocol that sends data between

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Utilizing Facebook Fan Pages to Take Your Business To The Next Level

In promoting your website, you can infiltrate the social media sphere by generating back links that will both attract people to your

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Keyword Research Basics

One of the most basic, yet arguably the most important steps in search engine optimization is keyword research. If you are targeting

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The Never-Ending Task of Link Building

When indexing and ranking pages, search engines pay close attention to the number of backlinks. They are partly responsible for driving more traffic to that page

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What does local search marketing have to do with your underwear?

What do your underwear and your marketing have in common? Maybe nothing. This German ad shows how a little creativity can go a long

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