• March 23, 2010

Make The Right Choice By Attending An Arizona Charter School

You will find that there are many schools to choose from in Arizona. Picking an Arizona Charter School is a very good decision that

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  • December 6, 2009

Local Search Marketing Guide | Small Business Search Marketing

In one of the first posts here on SBS, I said that I thought local search would be an important theme as we go

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  • June 25, 2009

FDA Approved Treatment: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

In 1997 Urologix submitted and gained approval from the FDA for their treatment method of Cooled ThermoTherapy for benign prostatic hyperplasia. This non-surgical

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  • May 27, 2009

Don’t Be a Victim: Self Defense Products

We live in a dangerous world – muggings, assaults, robberies, home invasions, rapes, homicides are a part of daily life. We hear

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  • May 17, 2009

Themis Computer: Commercial and Military grade computers

Themis Computer® announces its new XV1 high-performance, VMEbus single board computer (SBC), designed to meet the needs of customers who require quad-core

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  • May 13, 2009

The Sky’s the Limit: Small Business Web Design

Has the title “small business owner” put you in a box or cramped your style? No way! Although the word “small” can

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  • May 12, 2009

Analyze Survey Results: Online Survey

With the amazing online survey tools that are available from Vovici, it is possible to analyze the results of your online survey quickly and

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  • April 2, 2009

Local search engine optimnization is now required for your business.

Google has changed the way they are displaying search results. They are using Pin Point accuracy displaying results that make local search optimization extremely

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  • March 12, 2009

eMarketer Predicts Shrinkage For Local Ad Market

It’s that time again folks. It’s time to write a headline that if someone doesn’t look beyond the statement it may seem

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