Reaching Your Clients During the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching you may be wondering the best strategy to reach your clients and customer base on a more personal level. This is the time of year to make them feel important, special and like they are part of the family. Not only do gifts matter but also the way you talk to your clients and interact with them can play a huge role in your relationship and future relationships that you are building. Here are some tips on how to reach them during this time:


Listen to them

This time of year can be stressful for many clients, especially depending on the industry that they are in. Sometimes a business can be extremely busy or not busy at all. Both of which can be stressful and put some strain on a relationship. Listen to their needs and let them vent if they need to. This shows that you care and that you are willing to help in anyway that you can.


Send out personalized cards

A personalized holiday greeting card can really go a long way. Writing a personal note for each client is even better! This shows that you know something about them and care enough to take the time to write something special. If you want to go even crazier…you could design an individual card (including graphics) for each person!


Email cards

Not only are personalized mailed cards important but also a “happy holidays” email can go a long way as well. We live in a technology advanced age where everything (most everything) is digital. Sending an email blast to all your clients to wish them a happy holiday will make them feel like you care.


Thank your customers

Your customers are the reason that your business exists…so thank them! Thank them with cards, cookies or other gifts. Small gifts can mean a lot to your client because it shows that you appreciate them. Without them, the business isn’t successful so show them that you care one more time.


During this time of year we love to show the people that matter to us that we appreciate them.  A small gesture can really go far and change a person’s perspective of you and shape the relationship that you have with them.


We wish you Happy Holidays from the Get Found Local team!

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