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One Bad Review can cost you, 30 Potential Customers

Not all businesses get through their day without getting a bad review. It happens. But the way you respond to the negative reviews says a lot about your business and the way you treat your customers. Recent studies show that most people read negative reviews about a business and the way the business responds to them.

The big question is what does a negative review cost your business?

Fixed costs are easy to calculate. We all have expenses every month but it is much harder to actually calculate the cost of what a bad review costs. The cost of lost opportunity – the chance to serve a new customer is much harder to calculate. There have been recent studies that indicate a single bad review can cause you to miss thirty potential new customers.

Even a fairly low sales price for a volume business, especially one that relies on word of mouth to gain new customers has a lot to lose over the lifetime of a customer. 

For the sake of argument, let’s imagine that a carpet cleaner gets a bad review and on average that makes only 10 people not call. If they charge $79. for their service and they clean the average customer’s carpets twice each year they have a $158. sale annually. But if this customer stays with the carpet cleaner for four years and refers two additional customers per year, the business could potentially lose $56,880. for just one bad review!  

This loss of revenue can easily be over six figures when someone with a high ticket like an emergency restoration company or a dentist get a bad review. All it takes is a quick glance at the companies reputation online to make a fickle prospect turn to a competitor.

By using our lost opportunity – bad review calculator you can calculate what the real costs are including the lifetime value of a customer and the referrals that are potentially lost.

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Enter your amounts in fields A, B, C, D, E, F and G (all are required).

A. Amount of Average Sale How much is spent on one sale?

B. Number of Sales per Year: How many times does he/she buy per year?

C. Number of Years a Customer: How may years will a customer keep buying?

D. Additional Customer Referrals per Year: How many additional clients will he/she refer per year?

E. % of Referrals Becoming Customers: What percent of referrals become customers (enter 50% as 50)?

F. Number of Negative Online Reviews Annually: How many negative reviews do you have?

G. Number of Lost Customers per Review: How may customers lost per negative review? Businesses risk losing up to 22% of their potential new customers with just one negative review.


Fields H, I, J, K and L are dynamically calculated from the input section above.
H. Gross Sales per Year per Customer:


I. Total Lifetime Value of a Lost Customer:


J. Lost Revenue (Yearly Customer Value):


K. Lost Revenue (Monthly Customer Value):


L. Lost Revenue (Lifetime Customer Value):


  • 75% of people don’t believe that companies tell the truth in advertisements.
  • 86% of consumers are influenced by negative reviews.
  • Businesses risk losing as many as 22% of their customers with just one negative review.
  • 2009 Convergys Corp. Study: A single Negative Online Review can Cost the Average Business an Average Loss of 30 Customers
  • 2011 Cone Online Influence Report: 80% say NEGATIVE online information changed their mind about purchasing a product or service
  • How Many Customers Could One Bad Review Cost Your Business?

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