New Customers | Cost of acquiring

It’s hardly even worth getting new customers because it costs so much to get them.

Measurement of the cost of acquiring leads and the cost of acquiring new customers is critical to all small businesses.

  • How much does it cost to get a lead?
  • How many leads do you have to have in order to convert one into a customer?
  • How much will that customer spend with you over the year?
  • How long does the average customer stay with you?
  • How many referrals will you receive from each customer?
  • What’s the lifetime value of a customer?
  • What’s the difference between external lead generation and internal sales?

If you can’t answer the above questions with certainty, it will be difficult to ever grow the business. If you do know the answers but the cost is still exceedingly high, get ahold of us and let’s look at what’s broken.

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