“We are new in this market so no one has ever heard of us – our message is being ignored”.

Are you sure you are being ignored and not judged and looked past? Here is a hypothetical. You have a billboard for your practice that’s as big as your student loan debt. It includes your name, address, phone number and even web address. Still the phones not ringing. You Google, from your phone, the name on the billboard and you find the problem.

It’s no secret that online reviews play a big role in purchasing decisions these days. In fact, studies have found that 84% of consumers trust them, just as much as personal recommendations. Either there are no reviews – in spite of getting “so many” of them – because the practice management software review system does not get picked up by Google or you have a sub 5 star reputation.

Statistically, if you don’t stand out with 5 star reviews at the top of the search results page a lot of potential patients will just Google “dentist near me” and you have lost them.

It sucks to pay the cost of acquisition of a new patient for a competitor. How much does it cost? Check out Cost of Lost Customers Calculator.

Our own review software, Traffic Hook, lets your customers review you with Video, text or audio from either their phone or computer.  Look for the Green “Record Feedback” button on the lower left of this screen and feel free to leave us a message.

When people watch video reviews of your services from other patients they will believe them. Traffic Hook makes posting text-based reviews on the most important review sites like Google and Yelp easy for your patients. Reviews are verified as authentic and will make your practice stand out from the rest.

We respond to every, call, chat, email as quickly as possible though sometimes we need to sleep, so please expect a response within 24-48 hours, except on weekends and holidays.

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