No one sees our website and frankly our website sucks!

Most companies think the answer to a lack of leads is getting more traffic to the site.  In many cases, the local business is getting some traffic to their website and some, usually more,  traffic to their Google My Business account.  For most businesses, the GMB property shows up in more search results than their website does.  GMB gives the searcher most everything they need to make a decision to call you. Your contact information, a map to your business or service area and reviews from your customers.  Unless you are monitoring your Google Analytics account and your GMB account you can not accurately tell if you are getting good traffic or not.

If your prospect sees finds bad reviews that have not been responsed to, few reviews or even outdated reviews chances are they will move on and search for a competitor in your industry.  This is where a lot of business is lost or won.

Before you buy paid advertising like Google Adwords or have your site redone, make sure your reputation is at least 4 .0 stars.

“It seems like we get traffic to our site but it doesn’t generate any business, our website sucks”.

  • Is your website trying to do too much?
  • Are you trying to make it a place for downloading forms, setting appointments, explaining services, gathering reviews and sell?
  • Are the keywords you get found for attracting qualified leads?
  • Are you using landing pages, click to call and Google My Business to generate calls?
  • Is your site mobile friendly?
  • Does your site load fast on mobile and desktops?
  • Here is the big question. Do you KNOW what is happening and do you make regular adjustments to your tactics?

If you don’t have the proper tools to measure how many people stop by your site, how they found you and what they did when they were there, then you are only guessing.

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