We spend a lot on PPC but it seems like we are not getting enough good leads

Paid Search Traffic from Google Adwords can be expensive.

Shocking right? Not.

If you don’t know what you are doing it can be really expensive. A lot of people overlook the potential of paid advertising on Bing. True, there is less traffic but that brings lower prices.

Many businesses have either bought ads on their own or had had someone that did not have the experience, understanding, training and certification needed. Usually, this was an expensive lesson. 

This is another place having defined goals, conversion points, software to monitor and a system to calculate the cost of leads, and acquisition is really important. Little mistakes like running an ad for “water extraction service” at 1 in the morning when you have no one answering the phone and a 90-second voice message does not work. People move on and call the next company in line.

Facebook Ads can be inexpensive if they are done correctly and the leads are nurtured. Short videos and focused locations are excellent ways to get the contact conversions needed to build your service business. Even though they clicked to call or fill out a form, not everyone converts right away. Automated nurturing with short messages reminding them of who you are and the benefits of working with your business.

There are many benefits to adding social media – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc. into the mix. Social influences search results generate inbound links and build a brand with the people in your service area.

Our Google Certified experts will do the research, set up management and day to day tweaking to get you the highest conversion possible.

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