It seems like we get a lot of traffic to our site but few if any call or fill out our form.

Having traffic for the sake of traffic is a poor plan. Only geographically and demographically specific traffic to grow your practice. Generally we find that sites that have a lot of traffic but no new patients is caused by one or two things. Poor keyword selection & optimization. People are searching for specific words and phrases. “Emergency Dentist near me”, cheap root canal and “oral dentist” Side note, why do people search for oral dentist? What other kind is there? It’s worth noting the changes that apps and the way people are using devices to search are affecting search. A recent Google study found that 88% of ‘near me’ searches were conducted on a mobile device. Search strings are getting longer and more questions are being asked because people are using speech to text recognition. Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google are all encouraging us to verbally just ask – a way to get more people comfortable with using search.

“We spend a lot but it seems like we are not getting enough good leads"

Organic Traffic is free but can take a long time to get ranked. It is harder to track because Google won’t show you what keywords are being used in searches for you except branded searches. They say it’s a security thing. Organic optimization takes a lot of work and time.

Over simplifying organic, the key to getting found locally is content and inbound links. I know this sounds really easy but it’s not. There are a number of things that have to be done. For one, citations, your name, address and phone number need to be consistent and distributed across a number of sites. Getting inbound links from local sites like the COC & BBB can help. A link from “Bob’s Auto Repair Shop” does not.

The speed pages load, the keywords on the page, the location of those words, plug ins, schemas and a lot of other complicated, boring stuff goes into it. Yes, you can learn how to do this on your own, but wouldn’t you rather be using a drill or a bone spreader or something you have been trained to do?

Google My Business is an absolute must. It is provided for free by Google and can get free organic traffic moving faster than other listings. It is mobile ready and you can put a great deal of information about your business in the listing. This is where your patient reviews and map listing are generated and stored. Adding pictures helps your listing. You can put out special offers that last a week. Understand that this property will steal traffic away from your website. People, especially those on a mobile will find, call or navigate directly to your site.

We respond to every, call, chat, email as quickly as possible though sometimes we need to sleep, so please expect a response within 24-48 hours, except on weekends and holidays.

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