Development of Reputation Management

Kids are very lucky because they do not have to always think first before talking or doing something. Unlike adults we are very concerned with our actions because everything that we do can have an effect to our reputation. Even the things that we say can either build or destroy the way other people look at us.

Children go through a stage of being amoral and egocentric – for them, what other people or kids think does not matter as long as they are having fun. They do not care about following rules; what is important is they can be satisfied. This kind of mentality changes when we develop our consciousness. As we grow old, reputation management becomes critical. This begins most especially when we start going to grade school. We would like to have many friends as much as possible. We like it when many people know us. We are fond of the idea that a lot of our classmates love to be with us. Our want to have a flawless reputation management intensifies when we enter secondary school. This would be the time wherein we would act upon something that stains our existence. Most of the time, during these school years, being connected to someone who is popular or influential at school can really boost one’s morale. The same concern continues when we reach college.

Reputation management does not stop there. When we have work already or when we have business we have a name or image that we have to protect. People and business that were able to manage their standings very well have high probability of getting noticed and staying at the top of their games for such a long time. Thinking like young ones and acting without bearing in mind the consequences should never be done. Individuals need to make sure that their character would not be questioned in any way especially if they are aiming for a job or promotion. Groups of people, companies and businesses (big or small) are also concerned about their ‘images’. Maintaining a good image can actually help them attract positive outcomes (e.g. good friends, getting high positions in their careers and acquiring numerous numbers of customers that eventually delivers more profit for them. On the other hand, a bad image secondary to poor feedback or bad publicity can lead someone to lose their friends and jobs and the worse, bankruptcy.

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