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If you are in need of a review to see what the strengths and weaknesses of your website are, you can run an in-depth review report from here. Once you review the report you will have a better idea of what types of service you may need. Of course, we are always happy to talk to you to determine what your needs are and to see if we are a good fit. You can book a time with us here.  Citations – are an online reference to a business’s Name Address and Phone number (NAP). Citations, links, and reviews are primary factors used by Google when deciding which order to rank local businesses in local search results.  The more frequently the NAP is found on sites and the more consistent the data is, the better the chances of ranking well in GoogleIn addition, there are hundreds of sites that get thousands of visitors daily. For example, there are sites geographically specific to your area, some specific to your industry and Yellow Page listings.  Links have always been an important part of the Google/Bing algorithms. The links we build have a direct effect on ranking in maps for your Google My Business listing and Bing Local listing. We are constantly working to update our techniques to get more links from a variety of sources.  For example, there are opportunities to purchase guest blog posts. Pricing for the placement of articles is based on the popularity of the blog/site they are placed on. Unlike the days of old, several well-placed posts will far outperform hundreds of less important links when it comes to traffic and organic listings.   Social Media – Get Found Social – We work hard to not only deliver clear branding messages to existing users but also to build the number of followers. This is in effect a mailing list that you can deliver your message to at any time. We are building followers by diving deeper into relevant groups.  These groups may be geographically and/or interest-specific depending on your business. Who cares how many likes or followers you have if there is no engagement?  Our posts are created to generate interest and encourage engagement.  Google My Business & Bing Places – Unless you regularly check the dashboard, we set up for you, chances are you do not realize the importance of your Google My Business account. In local searches, especially those done on a mobile device many people never make it to your website. Instead, they are presented with a GMB/BL listing.  The GMB listing has everything they need to know about you. Name Address and Phone number (NAP) along with a brief description, pictures, hours you are open, map, contact information, and reviews.  It is important to update offers and specials weekly as they expire. This done for you service includes creating a similar local listing on Bing.  Reviews – are the new word of mouth. When it comes to conversion and trust, your online reputation is everything. Reviews are becoming more important to converting prospects into customers and getting good search engine results page listings. We have been slowly rolling out our new software. Mezingo solicits real reviews, from happy customers and helps to keep bad reviews off public review sites. There is a lot of opportunity for your business in using Mezingo. I encourage you to check out our new “cost of lost opportunity” calculator to see just what a bad review may cost you.  We also offer this as a “done for you” solution. Content – Google is looking for deep content. Content that answers questions and keeps people on the site for longer periods of time.  No longer does a 300-word blog post on your site do much for you. Today, original, in-depth content that answers questions and is 1,000+ words long are needed.  This is an excellent way to introduce more keywords for your site to get found for in the search engine results pages.  No matter if you need a press release, content for your site or another use, we can help.  Our content writers are 100% from North American. All content is verified original and unique.    Press Releases –We research and contact media companies in your area and distribute your press release to many news sites and organizations in North America. We can’t guarantee that an industry journal or national news site will contact you for an interview, we have had good success in getting many picked up in local news outlets. In all cases, the press releases are picked up by sites that republish them, generating interest and a link to your site.  Domain registration and Hosting – We partner with one of the largest domain registrars to register domains. We have recently worked with domain brokers to acquire existing domains for clients. Our Secure SSL hosting is on a cloud server at a world-class facility. You can expect excellent speed, daily back-ups, outstanding support, and site security.  Web design and development – We have expanded our capabilities and processes to create the best site available for customer experience. Great customer experience is what Google and site visitors are expecting. For new sites, we start with a wireframe to build out the content and navigation. We want to make sure the messaging is right before images are added. Once images that help tell the story are added we move to an appropriate theme. The site is then moved to a development server where a theme can be installed. Everything is tested before it is released on the public server and launched.  For site refreshes, we work to provide updated themes, looks and add additional features to enhance conversions and experience. All sites get the full search optimization treatment including being mobile-friendly, schemas, fast site speeds and accelerated mobile pages (AMP) creation.  Site Maintenance – Monthly changes and modifications.  We handle all things that an on-staff webmaster would handle at a fraction of the cost. This includes making changes to your site. In most cases, sites are duplicated on a development server so changes can be tested prior to release.  Monitor and keep up to date WordPress and plugins.  Install plugins to keep the site working smoothly and securely.  Set up and maintain Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tool accounts.  On-page Optimization – Search is where we started in the mid-nineties and have stayed on top of our game. It all starts with Keyword research. Since the advent of Siri and Alexa the way people search has changed. We research what keyword phrases and questions are being used for search. We then weave into the content as well as metadata the words and LSI concepts of the pages of the site. Each page must stand alone as a separate and unique topic.  This service also includes creating schemas, making the page lighting fast by optimizing and tagging images and other content elements.   PPC – Pay Per Click – We have ramped up our paid ad department to be the best we can possibly be. We are now a certified AdWords provider.  One of our newer clients has recently enjoyed a reduction in the cost per click in a highly competitive industry from over $19.00 to under $10.00. The changes we made have resulted in a higher conversion rate and more new leads!  We target the exact people that need you at the time they need what you have to offer.    Lead Tracking – One of the most neglected areas of internet marketing calls and form tracking. If you get a response, do you know where it came from? Just asking a lead how they found you is not good enough.  You must know exactly what is working and what is not.  Our turnkey tracking service monitors the origination of leads and the results. Our experienced staff can even listen to calls and score qualified leads. We report trends such as unanswered calls and abandoned call patterns.  Dashboard We set this control panel up for our retainer clients. All the data from multiple vendors is fed into one convenient place accessible with only one username and password. Here we display Keyword Rankings, Citation Tracking, Reviews found, Google My Business results, Social Platform performance, Google Analytics, Mezingo review management, Call tracking, Google AdWords and Support.  Mailing Services – You know how an email hits your inbox and even if you open it, it lasts just a couple seconds?  Physical cards have an average shelf life of about 17 days. We have a relationship with a company called Pixingo who sends short run postcards and greeting cards through the mail. These can be custom or off the shelf cards and they are delivered by the postal service. Cards are very easy to track and inexpensive to send. Did we miss something? – While the services listed above are what we do the most of, chances are that whatever your needs we can meet them. Just ask. 
We respond to every, call, chat, email as quickly as possible though sometimes we need to sleep, so please expect a response within 24-48 hours, except on weekends and holidays.

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