Free Google 411 service has huge potential to deliver new customers to local businesses

Google has announced Voice Local Search, an automated system which allows users to easily get the information they need to find local businesses for free. introduces a new service assisting Google in identifying local businesses to list and refer customers to.

Scottsdale, AZ April 16, 2007€” Google Labs now offers a free automated 411 service  (Google Voice Local Search) to customers.
Individuals may call 1-800-GOOG-411 and specify the local business, city and state they would like to search .Callers are offered two options: to be connected directly  or receive the listing information through a text message with the name, address and telephone number of the local business.

Google also updated the way people get and receive information with Google SMS. A message can be sent from a cell phone to 466453 (Google) containing the name or category the sender would like searched along with the city and state or zip code. Google sends a text message back containing the information the customer inquired about.

Google Voice Local Search and SMS service appear to use the same local information found on Google Maps.  If a business is not listed with Google Maps they do not have a chance for their business information to be delivered to the person requesting the information via text message. Instead, the businesses competitors’ information will be given to the potential customers.

As customers use the Internet and cell phones more in their daily lives to obtain information, they use the print Yellow Pages less. Recent studies indicate 30% of every search on the Internet is local in nature, which means local consumers look for local merchants. A full 70% of U.S.households use the web to help make decisions when shopping locally for products and services.  With the marketing power of Google behind a service that is offered to the consumer for free instead of paying for 411 calls, chances are the service will catch on with the general public.

In addition to the Google Voice Local Search service, businesses must ensure they are properly included in the Google Maps data base and the local search results of all of the major search engines and online Yellow Pages.  New businesses and companies that have not purchased advertising in traditional print Yellow Page books are frequently left out of local search databases owned by Yahoo, Google, Verizon, AOL, MSN and others.  Businesses that are included often have incorrect or incomplete data listed in one or more of the local search databases.

Millions of searches are conducted daily on local search sites. Unless a business is included in the search results and provides accurate contact information there is no chance of getting found by a potential customer. Existing customers may be lured away by ompetitors simply because they are being found when the consumer is ready to buy.

The problem for many locally owned businesses is they have limited resources and little time to educate themselves about on-line advertising and yellow pages. has launched an inexpensive service to help businesses that are dependent on local customers get listed in the Google Maps data base and in the local business listings of Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Superpages, online Yellow Pages plus many other popular local search sites, even if they do not have a web site. It starts by completing a simple online questionnaire; products or services offered, hours of operation, payment types accepted, location, special offerings etc. All the information gathered is then used to hand submit to the major local search companies for inclusion in their local search results. In addition, provides the business owner with means to track the behavior of visitors to the local businesses website if they have one.

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