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The October Get Found Local Client of the Month is Desert Car CareCenters.
Owner and operator Frank Leutz started Desert Car Care Center in Chandler Arizona several years ago, and now has a second successful location in Gilbert Arizona. Both locations have award winning status and consider customer satisfaction as the cornerstone of their success. Frank signed on with GFL just a couple of months ago and decided to send us note (unsolicited I might add):
“Chuck and Terry –

I wanted to take a moment and express my deep gratitude regarding recent implementation of online marketing changes, updates to our website, and ongoing work to increase our company’s presence online. Since these changes have taken place we have seen an increase in calls related to our online search results, and look forward to growing our lead source as our presence online gradually increases.

In addition, it is an absolute pleasure to realize that not only have we had amazing results thus far, but communication with our representative has been by far, above and beyond. He has kept us informed every step of the way and we are grateful to have him as a part of our team, supporting us every step of the way!

Thanks again, as we are excited about our growth potential moving forward.”

Frank Leutz

Well, thanks Frank!!! The check is in the mail buddy! All joking aside, it’s this kind of business relationship that truly makes our business gratifying and a lot of fun! Frank became a customer of ours as a result of being a customer of his (yeah, we sold him). Speaking from personal experience (and if you live in the Phoenix area), we would certainly recommend Desert Car Care Center to anyone in need of automotive repair. Visit for more details.

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