Get Found Local launch is here

Get Found Local is finally under way. After many delays and having our official launch date pushed back by 60 days we are about ready to get going. There are still plenty of tweaks to do to the look and our message but the back end is ready to go and we can now help businesses Get Found Local. We just had to make sure that everything was working correctly.

Thanks for your patience. I know a lot of you have been ready to get started for some time and want to use our system. Thank you for your trust and your confidence.

There are a few companies and people we worked with that I would like to acknowledge for getting us along this far.

Our logo designer also came up with the look and feel of the site. Besides being a great guy and friend, Brad is amazingly talented. He is able to interpret my ideas and put them into a memorable, appealing look. Brad Wierck at Wierck Studio.

Once Brad designed the look of the site we needed to have it chopped up and made into a usable,  XHTML compliant website. Thanks to Jeff Cross of Middlefloor Media.

Our Backend programmer is really a champ. I love being able to explain the concept of a project to him and to have him come back with a lot of suggestions with how to make it better. Every step of the way, Demitry has been there and has added a great deal to the project.  Demitry Andraious at Intechnic.

Our hosting is with Deru Internet Services. I originally worked with my friend Stephen Sherin during the sales process and since then with the support staff that are second to none. Sure we could have gotten hosting at a lower monthly price but the cost of lost opportunity due to lack of service and knowledge would have been huge. Darin and his crew have been outstanding!

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