Ghost Armor and Best Buy Combine for a Horrible Customer Experience

A lot of people consider me to be a techno Geek. Not the first guy on the block to buy a I-Pad but the one who gets it within a few months. I am influential among my friends family and co-workers regarding technology purchases. Especially phones and computers. For an electronics company I have a pretty high life time value as a customer.

What baffles me is why I can noy walk into a Best Buy to return a product or to get an issue with one without being treated like a criminal. Or if I buy a product why I have to be treated like I am some sort of idiot – spend $350. on an extended warranty that takes at least 30 days to get repaired…. but I digress…

In Mid December 2009, I purchased a phone wrap called Ghost Armor. I had just bought the new Droid (o.k. this one I did buy the first day it became available) . I paid $19.99 for the Ghost Armor and $10. to have it installed. When I bought the Ghost Armor product the sales person at Best Buy made a big deal out of the lifetime warranty to protect my phone. I am pretty hard on phones so I opted to leave my Droid at the store for a couple hours so they could wrap it.

After only 75 days (earlier but I am just getting around to bringing it back) the stuff starts falling off my phone so today I brought the phone back to Best Buy to have them re-wrap the phone – under warranty. Lifetime Warranty?

Best Buys response?  Go find your receipt.

I did. I was then informed that it would cost $10. to replace the wrap. When I asked why it would cost me $10.  I was told that the Ghost Armor is guaranteed for life but the installation is only covered for 30 days.

Let me get this straight, you want me to pay $10. to have the product you installed re installed? Ok ten bucks is not the end of the world for me but this really pissed me off because it is like an extension of every experience I have had with this house of rats over the past several years.

I walked out, never to set foot in a Best Buy again. For $10. they have alienated a customer who will never be back. Nice Job Best Buy, you have exceeded my expectations!

I went to the Ghost Armor site and they are offering the product direct for $15. with instructions on how to install it your self.

On the Ghost Armor packaging it says: Please let us know about your Ghost Armor experience. Leave a review at www(dot)ghost-armor(dot)com

Of course the site does not have any reviews on it.

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