Google Author Tags: Best Practices

Forget about Panda and Penguin updates. Google has gone far beyond any previous changes to disrupt the way businesses get ranked in the search engine results pages.

For years we have all been building PageRank. Basically we have built links to make our sites appear to be more popular than they are. The more links the more popular the site. Googles Author tag has changed everything. Today you must do everything possible to build relationships and not links. Google has moved to this model because it is harder the “game” the system than the PageRank Model was.

Read the aricle below for a more indepth explanation and what you can do to build your online presence.

Meaningful SEO Metrics: Moving Beyond PageRank  

The days when upper management was impressed by subtle changes in PageRank have been replaced by questions about lifetime value, return on investment, and cost per acquisition.  Do you get higher rankings with an author profile?

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