Google Mobile Penalty Coming?

Over the past couple of weeks Google has been sending out mobile usability warnings to a huge number of businesses. Speculation is that this is a shot across the bow to businesses owners to let them know they need to get their sites mobile ready before they launch an update of the Google Algorithm.

The notice contains a subject line of “fix mobile usability issues found on…” They explain that the site it is referencing is not mobile compatible and has errors on 100% of the pages of the site. The kicker is that they also state that these pages will be “displayed and ranked appropriately for smart-phone users.”

In 2013 Google started to reward sites that were mobile friendly by ranking them higher in the mobile search ranking results pages. This new warning appears to be targeting sites that are knowingly not mobile compatible.

The general rule of thumb is that mobile visitors should be able to navigate your site without a lot of pinching and stretching. The links on the pages must have enough space between them to allow you to easily click on the one you interned to click on.

Google has recently released a new mobile tool to test if your site is mobile ready. We Recommend that you test your site even if you have not received a message from Google.

If you are having any issues, contact our sales team at 480-626-4807 to discuss the option of adding a mobile specific site to your existing site or to discuss a converting your existing site to a mobile design.

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