How To Personalize Your Social Media

Creating a social media presence is a key component in helping to brand your business, bring awareness and drive more traffic to your product or website. The biggest reason to use social media is to let people know about your product or service, keep them interested and most importantly drive sales.
What is the best way to utilize your social media? Well, for one, people want to read content from someone who is interesting, honest and relatable.
Most businesses will try to play it safe and create informational posts that will tell you specific details about a certain product, promotion or sale. This can sometimes be on the boring side and doesn’t always give the personal feel that people are looking for. People are naturally drawn to information that they only really care about and are invested in.
So how can you create personal content that provides value and entices readers to want to invest their time in reading it? By creating personal experiences for your audience you are allowing them to get to know you better. For example, maybe you are a dental office looking for some new content. You could take a quick snapshot of your front office staff hard at work with big smiles on. It could read, “All the staff at ABC Dental hope you are having a great day!” Maybe it’s a holiday and your staff all decided to dress up. Snap a shot of them in their outfits/costumes for your audience to see. This shows that you like to have fun, your down to earth and you are more likable. You are more ‘like them’ and they can relate to you.
Other ways to make your social media more personal could be to include posts that are less sales-y and more fun. Maybe it’s an industry fact, Fun Friday post or a Did you know. Ask questions, would you rather or which do you like better. These types of posts will be more likely to engage your audience and get you more followers which in turn will hopefully get you more customers!
All in all the main thing to remember is to use social media and keep it SOCIAL. Try not to get too hung up on being overly professional. People go on social media for fun and we want to keep it that way.
We would love to help you with the social media content for your business and are happy to help in any way that we can.For more information on how to help your social media presence check out these links. Big Commerce & Search Engine Watch

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