Customer Value and HTTPS

Have you considered the value of your customer base or how much it costs you when you lose the opportunity of getting a new customer? It may cost you a lot more than you think. By losing or losing the opportunity to gain one customer, which could result in getting a bad review or could have scared a new potential customer away, could put yourself at risk to lose many more customers.

Most business owners know how to calculate fixed costs—like rent and equipment—and variable costs— such as wages, utilities, materials, etc.— related to providing goods and services. But there is another kind of cost to consider. Lost opportunity costs. These are harder to measure but certainly are real. One example of lost opportunity is if a visitor comes to your site and looks around but for whatever reason leaves. If your company has a bad online reputation or no reputation, a percentage of potential buyers will shy away and seek another vendor.

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In 2014 Google first announced that they will begin displaying in Chrome – by far the most popular browser, all HTTP sites as ‘not secure’. This means that 71% of web users who are utilizing either browser will be greeted with a warning message when trying to access HTTP websites.

The most recent studies show that this implementation by google has started its roll out and that it will be fully implemented in July.

If your site is HTTP:// Google wants it to be HTTPS://.
If you don’t make this change there is a very real possibility that the people who try to get to your site will get a message that says something like “Your connection to this site is not secure”. If you receive emails from a form or have any other interaction on your site it’s worth doing.

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