The Philosophy of Keywords and SEO

As a business owner you have probably heard the term “keyword” in the past but you may not know exactly what it means or how to use them. You may be asking yourself, “How can keywords make my business successful? How are they used? How can I find the keywords for my industry?” These are all valid and important questions to ask yourself. A huge component of SEO (search engine optimization) includes knowing the right keywords to incorporate in your website content, blog posts or articles that you write. By having adequate keywords you can create more visibility to your content which helps get more traffic coming to your website or content.

A basic definition of what a keyword is includes the word or phrase that is used to describe the content that you are writing about. An example may be if you are dentist and you are writing about your 6 month dental cleanings the keywords used may be “dental cleaning” or “dental exam” or something along those lines. Your keywords can also include longer phrases such as “6 month dental cleaning” or “dental hygiene appointment.” Also, we must keep in mind that the keywords should be ones that are searched for frequently on the web. We will go into this in more detail so keep reading!

You are probably wondering the best way to determine which keywords to use. The way we use keywords in our content can effect how the search engines pick it up and how often it will get searched. The search engines will calculate how many times a word or phrase is used in your blog or article to determine ultimately what that content is about. It’s important to know not to use a certain word too often in your content otherwise they will pick it up as spam. There’s a happy balance of using the keyword enough to help you rather than hurt you. Here are some specific time you want to use your keywords:

  • The beginning of your title
  • Meta descriptions (the information below the title of your web link or article title)
  • In your content (avoiding keyword stuffing)
  • In a link
  • About one time for every 100 words used

The right keywords are based on what is most often being searched. If you choose a keyword that nobody really searches for then your website, article or blog will most likely not be found. A little bit of keyword research will need to be done to determine the popular keyword terms in your industry. If you are looking for an easy way to do this then the best option is to use a keyword research tool. There are some free keyword research tools available where you can create an account and search from there. The main reason to do your keyword research is to ensure that Google and other search engines will rank your content higher and people will find it.

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