Local Online Marketing Is More Than Just Google

Consumers are more knowledgeable than they have ever been. They have access to high-quality information at the click of a button. A large number of smart local marketers are vying for their attention. Local marketing in recent years has revolved around search.  Contrary to popular belief, Google is not the only player in town.

Consider this, a lot of local businesses focus on Google alone. Ask yourself, how can you stand out from the crowd?  How can you differentiate yourself and diversify into other channels to have a competitive advantage in 2019 and the years ahead?

Competition is increasing every day.

There is no shortage of talented marketers. Many are seeking out options to widen their range.  Zeroing in on alternatives such as online reviews, social media and directories.  The best way to gain and maintain an advantage is to capitalize on a multifaceted local marketing plan.  A marketing plan that conveys the right message at the appropriate time to your target population.

Let’s discuss what the plan is:

Other Search Engines: Consumers research what they are interested in. They search with tablets, laptops, phones, desktops and in-home devices. The search with text and voice queries.  The preferred search engine varies from consumer to consumer. It can be Safari, Google, Yelp, Bing, YellowPages, Duckduckgo, TripAdvisor, Apple Maps or one of many other options. To be visible to consumers on all these platforms means that your business must stand out in each of them.

Fill your filing drawers with content and tools to help reduce dependence on google for traffic.
There are options to kick your Google traffic dependence

Consumer review sites:  Reviews are crucial in developing consumer trust. Positive reviews can improve the ranking on search engines luring in more consumers to your business. Hence it is important to be actively engaged on top review websites. Giving positive feedback on reviews immediately after you receive them is an important element of reputation management. No reviews?  Don’t panic!  Contact us, we will offer tips on how to get customer reviews and grow a solid base.

Online Directories: Current listings are important, ensure that the business’s contact details, NAP – Name Address & Phone Number as well as email, website URL and other details are relevant and correct in all directory listings.  The more frequently consistent NAP citations information is found the more likely the chance of ranking locally. In addition, there are hundreds of sites that get thousands of visitors daily. This is not just about optimizing search results but also it helps create strong brand awareness and improves brand reputation and consumer trust.

Social Platforms: Using social media is necessary and vital to local marketing. Social networks help build your business reputation by fostering connections. Connecting with the community in a way that creates brand awareness for your products and supports your branding initiatives. Real interactions with the community help to create a genuine connection. A connection based on authentic and honest communication. Leverage your social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn by engaging consumers and updating relevant content.

Optimized Content: Once consumers are aware of your business, the content and user experience you offer them determines whether they stay or move on. In all your platforms whether social media or websites the content provided must be enhanced to ensure freshness, accuracy and consistency. Content on Twitter, Yelp, GoogleMyBusiness, TripAdvisor or any other platform must be valid, inspiring, current, consistent and credible to the customer.

The Conclusion: Be Active and Engage in All the Right Places

Consumer dynamics are more fluid giving local businesses a chance to come up with robust customer engagement plans. This involves having a presence in all corners of the internet. Google search is the go-to avenue for local marketing. However, Google search is not sufficient.  To reach a larger number of prospects, become active across a variety of digital marketing platforms.

Of course, getting this connection is not an easy task. We are ready to come in and help you meet and exceed your goals.

As local search marketing keeps changing and growing at a high pace, we provide you with ingenious technologies and tools to navigate this area successfully. We are happy to collaborate with your team to develop a marketing strategy that is heavily geared towards local SEO, social media, Google, review sites and online directories that will enable you to reach new communities, attract high-value clients and promote satisfactory user experiences.

We help our clients leverage local SEO and marketing to achieve their marketing objectives – in this field, we are the best. Schedule a time with us and let us see if we are a good fit.

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