Local search engine optimnization is now required for your business.

Google has changed the way they are displaying search results. They are using Pin Point accuracy displaying results that make local search optimization extremely important.

This change will be a huge benefit to brick and morter businesses. It used to be that a searcher had to enter a search sting like “carpet cleaner Phoenix” or “Iron Gates Phoenix” in order to find localized results. No more, as Google has changed the game.

Now if you just enter a term like carpet cleaner or iron gate, the 4th position is now local results based on your location. This does 2 things, first it makes the top 3 positions much more valuable as the map locations are displayed, forcing a longer page with results five through 10 ending up below the fold. Visually the map results seem to be a stopping point and give me the illusion that I don’t need to go further down the page.

This is  good news for anyone running a brick-and-mortar business or a geographically specific Web business but it does open the doors to additional map spam.

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