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Why your business can no longer ignore local search marketing

Local Search is getting a lot of attention lately. Local search is experiencing explosive growth, and both merchants and marketers are getting

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11 Steps to Creating a Brilliant 60 second Commercial

Word of mouth advertising can be one of the best forms of advertising available. However many people get stuck in a rut and

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Moms Are Super Web Surfers and Rely Heavily on Search for Purchases

Moms rely heavily on search engines for both online and offline purchases, and when coordinating travel and planning a host of other

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GetFoundLocal.com launches a simple, effective, and inexpensive method of acquiring new customers for local businesses.

 The problem with internet marketing for businesses that draw customers from their own city has been the cost and complexity of effectively

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Free Google 411 service has huge potential to deliver new customers to local businesses

Google has announced Voice Local Search, an automated system which allows users to easily get the information they need to find local

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12 Things Every Real Estate Website Must Have

Note: This article was updated to reflect the most up to date information on July 11, 2019. 1. MLS Search Capabilities According

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Most expensive Adwords are Local

The Top 100 Most Expensive “Web Design” Adwords It appears that the most expensive web design AdWords are connected to local search.

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Get Found Local launch is here

Get Found Local is finally underway. After many delays and having our official launch date pushed back by 60 days we are

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The Problem with Qwest Dex….

I was going through some old spam today and happened across an email from a woman who had been referred to me

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