Never Underestimate The Influence Of Links

Ever wonder why links are so important for SEO? We can help with that. Here is some background information.

It used to be that the amount of keywords that were used on your website was a huge indicator for where your website would be ranked in the search engines. People would unnaturally stuff their content with as many keywords as they could think of, all in the hopes of getting a higher ranking. This became known as “keyword stuffing”. This process eventually fizzled out and a new process called “linking” became an important method for getting your website ranked.

Why links?
Nowadays, links are the way to go for optimal ranking. Having someone else include a link to your website from their content will bring up your ranking in the search engines. The more popular the site is the more links from that site matter. For example, a site like Wikipedia has tons of links from other websites to it, which shows that it’s most likely a popular and in-demand site. It’s also important to remember that links from a more popular site to your site will give you a higher ranking as well.

External links or Internal links?
An internal link is a link that goes from one page on a website to another page on the same website. This type of link makes it easier for someone to navigate the website and spreads link equity or ranking power around websites. An external link is when another website links back to you. Also, if you link back to another website from your site that is considered an external link. Top SEO strategists believe that external links are the highest source of ranking power. These are considered better than internal links because it’s coming from a third party which is valued as more influential than an internal link.

How Do I Get Links?

  • Get your customers to link to you
  • Start a company blog or article of the month
  • Create awesome content that can be easily shared
  • Be newsworthy!

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