Cracking The Search Engine Ranking Code

Ever wonder how Google determines the order and position of websites the show on the search results pages? How are each and every page ranked and what formula is used? The answer is very long and complicated.  Let’s start here. Every single search engine has a different algorithm that they use to determine the “score” of the page.

Another factor that helps your rankings is the links included on your page. You will have higher rankings by getting quality websites to create links back to your website. The reason this helps your ranking is that if high-quality websites are linking back to your content then in their eyes it must be high quality and deserves a higher ranking.

These links must come naturally (meaning, you earn it) and is one of the hardest components of SEO to get. Keep in mind: a few high-quality links are much better than tons of low-quality links that you may get from a service you pay for. This can be more time-consuming but is worth it in the long run by helping your website get a higher ranking.

The quality of your website content has a huge impact on how you will rank. Some key items to look at when creating content for your website are:

  • High-quality content that stays on topic (don’t stray away from the main question)
  • Must contain lots of text. Think 1000+ words for the website and shoot for closer to 1,500
  • Use headings to separate out the different sections of your website
  • Use images, video, text, and links

By putting some extra time and effort into your website you can allow yourself to be rewarded by being ranked higher in the search engines. On top of that get yourself some high-quality links and you should be on your way to getting a top ranking online!

Not every company that is in the SEO space is actually qualified to get the job done. We give a thumbs up to Digital Green Tea of Santa Monica to be trusted.

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