Why the SEO vs. Social Battle Has a New Winner

SEO Delivers More Traffic – Again

These days it seems as if the conversation among business owners about SEO is nonexistent. Over the past couple of years, just the mention of SEO triggered a physical reaction in business owners – not unlike the reaction friends and family had 30 years ago when I first told them I was a bill collector. So much so that my own salespeople have done everything they can to avoid talking about it. Instead, they would lead off sales meetings with social media, reputation or conversion conversations. SEO was relegated to an afterthought.

search versus social as a traffic delivery segment
Search Delivers More Traffic than Social

At one time the barrier to entry was so low to get into the SEO game that seemingly anyone who got their own site to rank on the first page of Google thought they were qualified to open an SEO agency. Consequently, a lot of business owners now have a sad story about hiring an SEO company. And what a waste of money it was. Some can’t get over how devastated they were when they lost the top ranking spot. And got penalized.

In the last few years, social media has been all the rage. Facebook has exploded. We have a President setting policy on Twitter.  Both Facebook and Twitter offer paid and organic opportunities to reach potential customers.  The news of social platform Facebook abusing the private data of users is a cause for concern. No doubt the rush of people to erase themselves from Facebook will further add to the decline of social media usage.

The author of  “The SEO vs. Social Battle Has a New Winner ” Jay Baer does a nice job assembling the research into an article that clearly explains why the time is right to bring your focus back to SEO.

Baer makes 4 strong arguments of why SEO has made a comeback against social media.

  • Overall, people are using social media less.
  • Social media platforms like Facebook show fewer commercial posts
  • Fewer links in social posts
  • Search engines are ranking more social posts directly in search results

Here is a link to the article by Jay Baer on his excellent blog Convince & Convert. 


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