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Have you been thinking about ways to increase your conversion rates and better optimize your keywords? We are here to let you know some of the biggest SEO trends that can help you build your business and increase conversion rates which will get you more customers. Some of the biggest trends this year are:

Voice Search

You are probably familiar with voice to text options as well as digital assistants. With the growing use of these forms of technology it is making it easier and faster for devices to process information. According to Google, 1 in 5 searches comes from a voice to text query. This can help us in determining keywords that use more natural language that is used in a conversational tone. As this evolves and becomes even more prominent the algorithms will change and adjust to what works.

Link Building

Link building has been used for many years and is an important aspect of SEO and it works. If you are recognized by any source (but trusted industry experts are the best) then your search engine rankings will go up. Without links it can be very difficult to rank on Google search engine so of course this is something very valuable. Blogging is a great way to start building links for your business as well as calls to actions with internal links included. This helps people stay on your website and learn more about who you are.


Have you ever noticed when you go to a website you instantly have a textbox that pops up asking if you have any questions? These handy conversational wizards are called Chatbots. These automated Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular in the digital world. Having your questions answered at the click of a button is both information and less time consuming then you spending time researching or calling the business to get the same information.

SEO trends will continue to change over the next few years as technology evolves but the main thing is to remember is to be in the present. Make changes to help your business grow.

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