Social Media

Social Media

We focus on the most popular social media sites for our clients and work to find a winning formula that meets their goals, needs, and produces measurable results.  By delivering clear branding messages to existing users, and building the number of followers we create brand awareness. When your happy customers or potential clients go looking for you on social media they’ll find your pages covered with fresh daily posts. Your followers will refer to you as an expert in your field. And potential clients will know they are dealing with an established business online.

But the real reason is to engage and convert people into doing business with you. Social Media is in effect, a mailing list that you can deliver your message to at any time. We build followers by sharing  content on Facebook and other platforms and by diving deeper into relevant geographically and/or interest specific groups.

We create a month’s worth of images, videos, pictures and other content to distribute at predetermined times. We post things people can talk about, things people will share with their friends, things people can smile about or have a laugh. The goal is to have the perfect mix of fun, informative, relevant and engaging posts. And add some promotional posts at just the right time.

  • $199. Month

Social Media Account Setup

Google My Business & Bing Places

Chances are you do not realize the importance of your Google My Business account. In local searches, especially those done on a mobile device, which have a very high buyer intent, many people never make it to your website. Instead they are presented with a GMB listing if they searched for your brand or a local listing on a map. The GMB listing has everything they need to know about you. Name Address and Phone number along with a brief description, pictures, hours you are open, map, contact information and reviews.  It is important to update offers and specials weekly as they expire. This service includes creating a similar local listing on Bing.

  • $149 Setup/$99. Month

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram

Each of these social media platforms have specific audiences and specific requirements to set up a business account. We work with the design team to create a consistent look for your business.

  • $50. Per Platform

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