Small Biz Marketing: More Bad News for Yellow Pages

By Matt McGee on Sep 23, 2010 |

It’s not quite “breaking news” anymore is it? No, but here are more troubling statistics for the yellow pages and, specifically, their status as a marketing venue for small businesses: According to a recent survey of “micro-businesses” conducted by Vistaprint, two-thirds of respondents have “no interest” in marketing via the yellow pages, and only 11% say they plan to use it in the future. Have a look:

The survey of 1,100 Vistaprint customers was done this past April. The stats above come from a question that asked what channels the micro-businesses are using now, and what channels they plan to use in the future. (Micro-business = 10 employees or less)

66% said “no interest” when asked about Yellow Pages — the highest to get a “no interest” reply. And only 11% said they planned on trying it in the next 12 months.

Social media and “online direct marketing” (i.e., e-mail marketing) both scored pretty well. Online advertising (i.e., paid search ads) had the top “plan to try it in the next 12 months” reply at 19%.

There’s some other interesting stats from the Vistaprint survey. I’m troubled by the notion that “friends/family” is the top reply when respondents were asked where they get marketing advice. Yikes.

Here are the full survey results on Vistaprint’s Small Business blog.

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