The Never-Ending Task of Link Building

When indexing and ranking pages, search engines pay close attention to the number of backlinks. They are partly responsible for driving more traffic to that page or site two ways.

The first is by allowing searchers to find these pages through other websites. The second is by allowing the page to rank higher in search engines.

The quality and number of backlinks on a particular page heavily determine how a page does in terms of ranking. Out of the two methods, it is the latter that is crucial to SEO.

Link building is an SEO process that aims to deliver the page to the top of the results list in order to drive more traffic toward the site.

These are organic links and reciprocal links both comprise the link building process. Organic links are the links made by authors and site owners back to a page simply
because that page offered interesting and useful information to them. Reciprocal links, on the other hand, come from sites that provide inbound links to a particular page, provided that the page would link back to the site: a link exchange.

However, despite its vital role in SEO, link building is still only a part of a whole. Search engine submission entails registering the website with major search engines so that it can be indexed and ranked accordingly.

That being said, search engines regularly scout for new sites to index, it would be a better SEO strategy to focus on providing good content and creating quality inbound links.

In terms of SEO, social bookmarking is an excellent link building platform. As more people come across the link to a particular page or site, the potential for additional inbound links increases as well. Creating backlinks this way also decreases the link building effort on the part of the owner since the subscribers of the social bookmarking sites would be the ones to do the promotion for the page.

It’s been mentioned several times in this book that quality content is the king of all kings on the internet. Good content is the cornerstone of every SEO campaign. More often than not, internet content comes in the form of articles. In order for a website to gain popularity, it has to contain informative and interesting pieces that would attract visitors and encourage backlinks.

Article marketing is the contribution of keyword-rich content to article syndication sites. The creation of quality articles gives credibility to the author and the author’s personal site. It allows the author to build a reputation as an authority for a particular field or topic. Subsequently, the site becomes a reputable source of information for the subject matter.

Link building is a long and tedious process. Who has time for that?

We do. With years of proven success, let us lead you to the top of search engines.

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