Uploading an image is good, but tagging is better!

Uploading photos and tagging them correctly is a great way to increase your exposure online and get found by searching customers. Tagging photos involves adding one or more keywords, words, or phrases (the “tag”) to a photo so that it’s easier to find when customers are searching online. When adding tags to your photos on MerchantCircle, keep the following in mind:

* Make sure you include keywords that are relevant to your business. For example, if you were a plumber, you might create tags such as “Plumbing,” “Local Plumber,” “Plumbing Repair,” and “Sink Repair.”

* More than one tag can be added to a photo or photos. For instance, a picture of sink repair could be tagged with both “Plumbing” and “Sink Repair.” The photo will then appear when customers search for either tag.

* Add your location(s) as a tag. Tagging is also valuable if a customer is searching by location, e.g., if a customer is searching for a “Plumber in San Francisco.” When customers search for specific images, your photos will turn up in the results if your tags match their search words.

* Keep in mind that tagging is not the same as naming your files with descriptive phrases or words. For instance, you may name a file “Sinkrepair_2010.jpg,” but the tags for that image could include “Plumbing,” “Sink Repair,” “2010,” and “San Francisco.”

Article from Merchant Circle

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