Why You Need Social Media To Succeed In Today’s Market

In today’s competitive market, it is no longer sufficient, nor recommended, to just have a simple website with no other online presence. Can you get by without using any form of social media? Well, sure, you could–but you would just be “getting by”. However, if you’re serious about attracting new customers and expanding your business, it’ll be an arduous task to compete without social media. Social media includes the 500 million registered users on Facebook, the celebrity dense Twitter, the strictly business-networking platform of LinkedIn, and the most popular video media website, YouTube, just to name a few.

Here are the top 5 reasons why social media is essential to not only attracting new customers, but also maintaining a strong relationship with your current customers:

1. With over 250 million people from across the world logging into Facebook per day, that’s over 250 million new opportunities to have eyeballs on your business. Most modern websites also have direct links to their Facebook page as well, giving you another free platform to get your message out and effectively communicate with potential and current clients. Business in general is always a numbers game, and the odds look a lot more favorable for you when you tap in to one of the largest and most demographically diverse markets in the world.
2. The success rate of social media is undeniable and an entire book could be written on how many businesses, politicians, athletes, actors, and products have become successful due to savvy social media marketing. Even our own president during his presidential campaign utilized Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to reach a wider audience and to communicate with them in a more personable way. Justin Bieber, one of the world’s biggest pop superstars and platinum-selling artists, was discovered by putting out cover songs on YouTube. If done right, you could acheive in a year what would have otherwise taken five years to accomplish.
3. Here’s a challenge: try to think of a cheaper and/or quicker way to reach millions of people with a new promotion, offer, service, or news that you need to release for your business. Stumped? You should be; because the short answer is that there isn’t a quicker or cheaper way. Social media can help you get your message out in a matter of minutes, and with mobile websites becoming a dominant means of web browsing, your promotions are working for you around the clock and reaching prospects all day.
4. You’ve probably heard the phrases, “word of mouth is the best form of marketing”, and “always get it in writing”; well these two phrases complement each other well when it comes to social media because if a satisfied customer is praising your business for a job well done, potential customers will be able to see it. Satisfied customers are practically turning strangers they’ve never met into prospective clients for you.
5. The internet has allowed many businesses to get their name and brand out there, and customers are now having to become very selective with who they decide to do business with and who they trust. Social media will allow you to build that trust. By having a social media presence, you have now asserted yourself as a personable business and have given customers a direct channel for communication. By answering customer’s concerns and updating your page frequently with news and updates, it could be the difference between a poor review or rating, and a high review or rating–all of which effects your business.

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